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Brighton, England: Best of Food & Drink

Brighton, England: Best of Food & Drink

Eating is probably one of my favorite things to do in life, so as you could imagine, I was so beyond excited to eat my way through this little town. Even though I didn't have enough time (or room in my stomach) to go to every place, I still went to enough to be able to have some favorites! Here are a few places that were especially yummy.

Flour Pot Bakery

This place is by far my personal favorite out of the list. I mean...just look at it. Everything here seriously looked amazing, and I wish I could have tried everything. Things that I did end up trying were their two breakfast sandwiches, which are shown in the picture. I also had a few of their cookies including the jammy dodger and chocolate chip (my fave).

Bluebird Tea Company

I knew England was known for their tea but wow. Bluebird tea company took this to a whole new level. This place was so much better than a Teavana hands down. They had really cool and unique flavors like "Christmas Cake" and "Peppermint Cream". In the back of the store there is actually a tea bar where you can order drinks. My favorite was the almond milk matcha latte, and I actually ordered one every single day that I was there. What made the place even better was how helpful and kind the employees were. The best part about Bluebird is that they actually have a website and ship to the US (YAY).

Blackbird Tea Room

Last, but not least we have Blackbird Tea Room, where Emily (best friend) and I got afternoon tea. This is definitely a MUST in England because they are all about that afternoon tea life. The scones were amazing along with the tiny sandwiches and pastries. This is the cutest little place and on the inside, it is decorated to look how like a pre war tea room would look.



Brighton, England: What's Worth Seeing

Brighton, England: What's Worth Seeing