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Health Inspo

Health Inspo

I am always wanting to eat healthier, workout more, and basically do anything to be a healthier person. Unfortunately, wanting and doing are two totally different things, as I am currently typing this while eating Hot Cheetos in bed (so good though). Lately, I have found a few things that inspire me to be healthier, and wanted to share them with you. Here we go!

1. Work it Out


Okay, not everyone is a member at a gym, or (if you are like me) wants to spend a bunch of money on something that really isn't needed. Don't let not having a gym membership discourage you from working out because there are so many other ways! I really like to hop on YouTube for workouts. The great thing about this is that you can search for very specific things to improve specific areas of your body. BodyRockTv is my usual go to when looking for a workout channel on YouTube. 

If you did want to spend some money, there is also Kayla Itsines, who has her own Bikini Body Guide. Her guide includes workouts targeted to certain areas of your body. I especially like this because the specific workouts are to be done every other day, which makes working out very doable. The workouts themselves are tough, but do not require as much time as you would think, which makes finding time super easy.

2. Tea Time

One thing that I do that actually makes a huge difference is drinking green tea everyday. I drink mine unsweetened, but you can always add some honey to sweeten it up. Green tea has amazing health benefits like being an anti-inflammatory, which will help with bloating. It has so many great antioxidants that your body needs to protect it self against sickness and disease. Green tea has actually been known to prevent certain types of cancers along with it's anti aging properTEAS (sorry I had to). Besides all of these great things, my favorite thing about this magical tea, is that it tremendously improves your metabolism by boosting it to the max. Drinking this in the morning will make tour body burn way more calories during the day than it usually would. 

3. Infuse

Drinking more water is something that everyone can benefit from. Water can also be so boring sometimes so a great way to change it up is to add some fruit in there! I usually just add some lemon, but if I'm feeling fancy I like to add a combination of things. My faves are:

Strawberry + Mint

Lemon + Turmeric 

Mint + Watermelon

Lemon + Mint + Cucumber

4. Look The Part, Feel The Part

Sometimes when I am feeling unmotivated to workout, I go buy a new workout outfit. It doesn't always have to be Lululemon and Nike, but sometimes buying a new workout top or leggings is just what you need to kickstart that drive to workout. 



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