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How You Should be Styling Your Button-Up

How You Should be Styling Your Button-Up

A button-up shirt, whether it's a short or long sleeve, is a staple and timeless piece you should have in your closet. The one I'm wearing in this post is the white central shirt from Madewell! They have a TON, and in so many colors. Here are my favorite ways to style any button-up!

1. The Half Tuck

IMG_5450 copy.jpg

This is probably my go-to when it comes to button-up shirts. It is so easy, but looks so effortlessly cute and put together! 

Pro Tip: Unbutton the last button on your shirt before tucking. This will make it easier to tuck without your shirt bunching up at the top of your pants.

2. The Wrap Tuck

IMG_5481 copy.jpg

This tuck is my favorite! It's the perfect way to transition from work, to grabbing drinks with the gal-pals. I love to wear this with a cute bralette underneath, and let it peak out a little bit!

Pro Tip: Unbutton your shirt completely (scandalous I know) and tuck the left side of your shirt into the right side of your pants, then do the other side! The looser your tuck, the deeper your neckline. If you don't want to be that scandalous then a tighter tuck is what you want!

3. The Tie Front

IMG_5460 copy.jpg
IMG_5453 copy.jpg

This is such a fun and easy way to spice up your button-up! Nothing much else to say about this one, except that I would recommend doing this on a longer style if you don't like shorter tops.

Pro Tip: Unbutton the last one or two buttons to make some room to tie your knot.

I love all of these styles, but the first two are for sure my favorites out of the three! Adding a black leather jacket would complete the look for any occasion!



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